DIK will be shipping its 600th container to the Solomon Islands to support 3 Rotary projects and is seeking sponsorship.

The 600th container this century will improve patient care in the Solomon Islands.  You can be a partner in this great project by sponsoring the items.  Helping to fund a container like this is one of the easiest and most cost-effective International Projects for your Rotary club.

  • A major upgrade of the National Referral Hospital. More details are contained in: Solomon Islands NRH Report 2019
  • The 2nd stage of the Dental Project that is helping to revolutionise dental training and care in the Solomon Islands. RAWCS Project 29 2018-19. MORE DETAILS
  • DIK are supplying wheelchairs for kids. The wheelchairs are supplied for free, but we still need to fund the freight. MORE DETAILS

You can choose to support the Total Shipment or the National Referral Hospital, the Dental Clinic or Wheelchairs for Kids or a specific item.

DIK 600 Appeal Flyer

You can send a cheque; transfer the funds to Donations in Kind:

BSB 633 108, Account No 1434 96529

For tax deductibility go to the RAWCS website,  CLICK TO DONATE

Details: Project No 32 Year 2014-15 nominate 600th container and your Club.

You can sponsor an item from as little as $3 and improve patient care in the Solomon Islands.