Multi-Club Partnership Container Projects

These are projects any Rotary club can support.

International Committees: Quality container projects are often the most cost-effective way to help developing countries.  Unfortunately shipping a Club funded container is beyond the means of many Clubs who are just recovering from Covid, but there is a very easy alternative, Multi-Club Partnership Containers.

We are fortunate to have top-quality projects that have been developed over several years where the need, the process, and the logistics have been identified.  Clubs can support these projects with minimal effort and know that they will become partners in a great project.

Clubs can manage their own project with the potential to get up to 75% funding support from Partner Clubs. 

To be a partner in one of these projects is affordable for any Club, from $500.  If all the Clubs in a District donated $500 this would cover the cost of shipping a 40’ container.   $1000 would cover the cost of shipping four containers and the Club would be a partner in a great project every quarter.

Sustainability Committees:  Your DIK Store is the largest Rotary specialist recycling and repurposing operation in Australia.  We receive fantastic donations of top quality Educational and Medical equipment and supplies.  Often this material would become landfill without our effort.

In the last 24 years we have shipped 697 containers 41,400 m3 of goods overseas.  Large amounts of material also go to local projects.  We also recycle large amounts of cardboard and metal.

Think about the embedded energy in the equipment we give a second life to.  Sadly, we are having to decline large amounts of donated material, as the amount that can be processed, is governed by the funds available for shipping.  This is an area where Rotary excels and we strongly encourage you to help fund a container, and to invite people who care about the environment to visit your Store.   We are very confident they will be very impressed by our contribution to environmental sustainability.

It’s a very affordable way for clubs to be a Partner in a recycling project designed to improve conditions in a developing country. Clubs work together funding a shipping container and are able to select the project they want to assist.


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Click on RAWCS website to donate.

Project details are: No 31-2014-15  (please specify D9800 Regional Container and include your Club Name)

Download details. Multi-Club Container Project For more information please contact David Dippie by Email