Loading a container at DIK

Take advantage of the Membership opportunities that West Footscray Donations In Kind provides.  It is the largest physical example of what Australian Rotary clubs can achieve when they work together.  Bring a potential member to the Store and they will be extremely impressed. 

Make contact with the organisations in your area who donate goods to DIK.   They are already Friends of Rotary; make them Friends of your Club.  They are people who trust Rotary and admire what we do.  Talk to them about Rotary and your club when you collect goods.  Be bold and invite them to a club meeting.

When you collect goods take a Thank You Letter and Information Sheets.

Use the Store as a meeting place.  There is a Board Room, the new air-conditioned Meeting Room and Kitchen has been designed for club and cluster meetings with seating for 40 people.  These rooms can be booked for any Rotary activity, but please remember the people at the store are volunteers and may not always be available at times that suit you.

Our annual Open Day is a must for many people as it allows Rotarians from all Victorian districts to visit and exchange ideas.  It’s a great way for potential members to learn about Rotary from hands-on people who run exciting projects.

The (International Project Expo) is a must attend for everyone who is interested in International Project.  RAWCS and DIK projects in many countries will be displayed.   

Gather goods for the Local Community Projects.  The goods at Donations In Kind are available for any Rotary project, both local and international.  Clubs can also gather goods specifically for local projects and distribute them directly.

For more information or to book a warehouse visit please contact DIK by EMAIL