Donation of scholl bags

As at 31 December 2023 DIK West Footscray has shipped 690 containers of equipment and supplies containing  goods worth $84.5 million to 35 countries and administative regions, with a strong emphasis on items that improve education, medical and maternal care. We also support disadvantaged people of the Australian community.

The countries and administrative regions DIK West Footscray support and areas of activity are influenced by the passion of the Rotary clubs who raised the funds for shipping. We are also guided by Rotary International research that has identified the areas  of greatest need where Rotarians can be most effective – Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus.

Rotary is established in 220 countries, so it is easy to identify areas of need, but sadly it is impossible or impractical to ship goods to some countries. unless we are confident all of the goods shipped will reach the people who need them, we will not make shipments.

Every country has different import regulation and we only know what is required in countries we have shipped to. In the last 21 years we have shipped 690 containers of goods worth $84.5 million to the following countries:

Bangladesh 2Burma1Congo4
Philippines18Samoa14Solomon Islands11
Somalia10Somaliland16South Sudan3
Sudan7Sri Lanka15Tanzania20
Timor Leste417Tonga7Uganda6

Often projects that use the goods available from Donations in Kind are the most cost-effective way to improve education and health care in developing countries.

DIK is confident that we have projects available to match the capacity and interests of every Rotary club.

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