Tonga Disaster Initiative

DIK West Footscray dispatched two 40 Foot conatiners to Tonga in April and May 2022 to provide urgent relief following the damage caused by the volcano eruption and associated tsunami in January.

The small island nation of 100,000 people suffered significant damage to infrastructure and caused major disruption in this community. Rotary were able to focus on humanitarian relief and swing their resources towards assisting. DIK West Footscray played a major role is assembling, packing and shipping the two containers.

See details of this project on RAWCS website.

A third container is scheduled for dispatch to Tonga in march 2023.  Planning for this container began in September 2022.

Container #1

The conatiner shipped in April provided humanitarian relief to three major high schools:

  • Queen Salote College
  • Apifo’ou College
  • Tupou College

Each school has approximately 1000 students, including boarders from outlying islands. They have 20% of all enrolled high school students.












Goods supplied:

  • Each school will recieve equipment and supplies to establish a fully-functional Dental Clinic. The clinic will service students, staff and members of the local community. The facility will also be used for training.
  • They will also receive medical equipment to cconvert the school sick bay into a small medical clinic.
  • Each school is self-sufficient with qualified medical and maintenance staff.
  • Queen Salote College will receive 113 cartons of books and shelving facilities to establish a new library. This has been possible ddue to donations from Ballarat City Libraries.
  • Seven dental chairs provided by Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne will go to the Ministry of Health
  • A significant amout of medical equipment and consumables were included, (see table below.)
  • The Rotary Club of Nuku’alofa will receive goods including 122 rolls of cloth to assist communities.
  • 200 feminine hygeine kits were donated by Days For Girls to be distributed in the schools.
MedicalHospital beds4
Hospital mattresses10
Blood pressure monitors3
Examination tables4
Cartons of supplies220
Bags of hospital linen30
Pairs of crutches9
DentalPatient chairs9
Dental camera1
Cartons of supplies29
Cartons of equipment7
Suction motors3
Water distillers3
School EquipmentDesks16
Cartons of supplies24
Filing cabinets2
Cartons of library books113
Bags of library books3
Cartons of school equipment1
Pedestal fans6
Pallets of library shelves7
Office chairs4
"Days For Girls" kits200
GeneralRolls of cloth122












Container #2

Goods Supplied:

  • Equipment for a 16-bed medical isolation ward in the Tupou College.
  • Supply of hospital beds and equipment requested by the Vaiola Hospital. Financial support from the RAWCS allowed for the purchase some new equipment needed in several departments in the hospital.
  • To supply additional equipment previously requested for the Apifo’ou, Queen Salote and Tupou Colleges. Nucleus Computer Donations were of great assistance providing commercial computers and printers.
General GoodsLibrary shelving (pallet)1
Cartons of library books26
Office chairs7
Hospital beds and mattresses30
Bedside locker16
Overbed table16
IV poles for beds26
Bed linen (pallet)1
Gloves (boxes)36
Masks (pallets)8
Disposable hospital gowns (cartons)75
Patient monitor2
IV stand4
Table top autoclave1
Soldering kit1
Water blaster4
Water blaster wands2
Demolition hammer1
Tools case`1
Mop set1
TV monitors25
Hospital masks (cartons)13
Consumables (cartons)22
Dental hoses (cartons)1
Mobile suction monitor1
Tooth paste (cartons)1
Medical cupboards2
Medical drapes (cartons)15