Donations of Goods

Australia is a fortunate country where many organisations often replace equipment when a better version or model is available, well before it has worn out.   Often, for commercial reasons, goods are withdrawn from sale replaced by new ranges or logos on uniforms are changed.  Much of this unsold clothing can improve the lives of people in need, both locally and overseas.

Donations from Organisations

Every corporation and business wishes to be perceived as a responsible corporate citizen. They wish to ensure that equipment and stock no longer required is responsibly recycled. Many are now choosing Rotary Donations in Kind as a viable and safe option to re-distribute these goods. Rotary operates in over 214 countries and fairly distributes material without bias. DIK is a business-based organisation and understands corporate imperatives with disposal and write-off of goods and equipment. 

All goods are shipped and distributed free of charge to the recipient.

Rotary Donations in Kind accepts goods in commercial quantities for redistribution. If you wish to donate single items please contact your local Rotary opportunity shop or community shop.

If you have goods to donate please contact your local Rotary Club or Donations in Kind by EMAIL