The Timor Leste people and government realise that improving education is the key to higher living standards and improved prospects for the next generation.

The Government is committed to improving education and is making significant improvements, but they face many challenges.  They are the poorest country in our region.  Their population is growing, and they want to increase participation and the length of time students attend school.

They lack the funds to build sufficient news schools and to fully equip them.

As a result, many schools lack student furniture, and this is where we can take action.  DIK has a plentiful supply of school furniture.  There is an excellent relationship with the Timor Leste Ministry of Education, who ensure donated furniture goes to the schools in greatest need.

The size and shape of school furniture varies, so the amount shipped depends on the goods available, but a 40’ container will provide students with 400-500 desks and chairs.

The Donations In Kind Volunteers will arrange the paperwork and shipping.  They will also pack the container if it is not practical for the Managing Club.

A $500 Partnership contribution will provide a classroom of students with a desk and chair for many years.