Our Projects

Rotary International has identified the areas of greatest need and where Rotary Clubs can be most effective.  They are the Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus and Rotarians are encouraged to focus their efforts on these areas.  Projects that support these areas may be eligible for Rotary Foundation Grants.  Link

Developing projects that utilize the material that is available from Donations In Kind is often the most effective way to make a lasting improvement in these areas.  If you want to support projects in the areas of greatest need, Rotary Clubs should examine the DIK Project opportunities above.

If you are looking for a project we have one available to match the capacity and interests of every Rotary Club.

If you have a Project we will support it with material and guidance.  Refer Educational and Medical Checklists see what goods may be available. Goods Wanted

Special support is available for Interstate and Country Clubs.  If you are not close to the Store, the DIK Volunteers will help to select, pack and ship your goods.

Anyone can sponsor a project and tax deductibility is available.   Select any project and decide how much you would like to donate.  It can be as simple as $5.00 to send a student chair.  Clicking on Donate Now will take you to the Donations In Kind Freight Account Number 31 year 2014-15; Please note that funds in this account can only be used to ship goods.  Nominate where you want the funds to be used and the goods you have selected will be shipped.

There are several options available for Charitable trusts, for more information please contact Bob Glindemann 0418 102702 or EMAIL

For more information select your area of interest and contact DIK by EMAIL