Club packing a container full of goods

It’s your Store and the number of people we help is directly related to the support from each Rotary Club.

How can my Club get involved?

There are many ways a Rotary club can get involved:

  • Locate goods suitable for donation to DIK.
  • Inspect potential donations located in your area.
  • Arrange and volunteer to load donated goods to be shipped to the Store.
  • Establish your club’s own international service project, based on shipping and delivering goods available in the Store.
  • Visit the Store.This is the best way to understand the process and see what goods are available.
  • Consider arranging a club or cluster meeting, or a working bee for members.
  • Invite potential new members to your function at DIK. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the power of Rotary.
  • Involve other Rotary clubs by suggesting potential projects to them or through joint club or cluster projects.
  • Become a Sponsor Club or make a financial donation towards a current DIK project.
  • Join the team that manages the Store including many roles that can be done from home.
  • Contact the Store manager on (03) 9315 1544 for more information.

Help to fund the Store.  This is your Store and it can only continue to exist with your ongoing help..  Every Rotary club that donates is a Partner in everything that is shipped.  Will your Rotary club be a partner this year?

For more information please contact DIK by EMAIL