Young girls wearing donated schools uniforms

Australia is a fortunate country where often new and unsold goods have to be withdrawn to allow new ranges to be introduced or logos are changed for marketing reasons.  Much of this material can be used to improve the lives of people in need.

DIK provides businesses and other organizations with a better alternative than paying for surplus clothing to be destroyed or dumped into landfill.  Many companies can obtain tax benefits by donating these goods to developing countries.

Business Donations:  Being seen as good corporate citizens is vital to modern organisations and the responsible disposal of surplus material is an important factor. Increasingly organizations are choosing Rotary Donations In Kind as the safest and best option for the reusable goods they no longer require. Rotary operates in 214 countries and distributes the goods regardless of race, religion or politics, without bias. Rotary fully funds the operation so communities in genuine need receive the goods for free. Donated goods are not sold to fund the operation. Donations In Kind will fully comply with any corporate restrictions on where and how goods can be re-used. They won’t end up on a market stall locally or overseas.  As a business-based organization DIK understands corporate guidelines and can provide documentation to support goods being written-off.

If you have goods to donate please contact your local Rotary Club or DIK by EMAIL

Note: Clothing donated must be unused.

Donations In Kind provides a better alternative to landfill.